Since its inception in 1987 Artevi is one of the main references of the Spanish market to the design, manufacture, provide constructive solutions, and marketing of wooden doors (entrance and interior), closets (sliding and hinged), and corresponding profiles (fences and moldings). With a natural proposal of their designs, natural wood finishes, melamine, and CPL in various media (particleboard and honeycomb). The functionality of the door has been surpassed by its importance decorative. So with Artevi the door is a design element of the first order that continues to evolve. Since 1988 Artevi has been innovating their designs since the creation of doors with raised panels, fire resistant products until the release of latest design lines always taking into account the current trends.
The factory has more than 85,000 m2 and more than 420 people at your service thus achieving an annual production of approximately 700,000 units.
Artevi offers professional assistance necessary for the correct application of their products in each project is always open to ideas and suggestions.
The commitment to continued satisfaction with the customer, quality, design and environmental friendliness are the hallmarks of Artevi.