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This company devoted to the construction sector began operating in September 2002 in the city of A Coruña, backed and supported by a strong corporate structure with over 20 years of experience. The company specializes in refurbishment and specific designs, which allows it to execute projects with a team of qualified professionals and to offer its clients a comprehensive construction solution. Monitoring during the works, as well as its subsequent control, are the cornerstones of its organization. From the beginning, the company has been characterized by the quality of finishes and a strict adherence to deadlines.

The company, initially devoted to the private sector, has experience an important growth in recent years which is linked to its strong commitment to public contracts and its introduction in new markets. All this has provided the company with an extraordinary financial strength, with demonstrated capacity and reliability to carry out large scale projects in Spain. The combination of experience and entrepreneurial spirit makes of INCOGA NORTE the ideal partner to face all sorts of initiatives, providing the best construction solution by means of a comprehensive control of quality and services.

The know-how of INCOGA NORTE is preceded by the back of a strong business structure and extensive experience in the sector, which provides the readiness and immediacy required to successfully complete its contracts and transactions. Every area of activity is covered by a highly specialized firm, which together provide construction with a comprehensive service. Thus, EIRA (Estudio de ingeniería de Ruidos y Aislamientos), carries out noise studies, which are the basis of sound insulation plans, developed at a later stage by CERCONS 06, a company of the group that installs sound insulation elements. This company, also able to provide an optimal service in drywall work and suspended ceilings, is recognized as an official installer of Pladur and an authorized dealer of Barrisol.

The companies of the group take special care of safety and comfort. One of its most active companies is Aplicanor , due to the diversification of its activity specialized in waterproofing, reinforcement of structures and equipping of construction facilities with fire protection passive measures. Thanks to these activities and the installation of Epoxi resin pavements, which combine elegance and a great resistance, the company holds its Quality certification.

Another service which provides cosiness to all its projects is painting. DECORGA PINTURA's team is able to give you the answer that best fits your case, whether in industrial developments or public-oriented initiatives. This company has personnel specialized in indoor and outdoor works, providing modern while pragmatic decoration solutions which comply with the highest quality standards.

On the other hand, the experts of LA CASA TEXTIL take care of interior equipping, finishing off works tastefully and careful aesthetics. Its extensive knowledge in interior decoration ( flooring, carpets, blinds and decorative painted wallpaper) confers the firm a proven ability to provide custom-made solutions. The company also has a showroom where you can see the wide range of options and alternatives available for you. LA CASA TEXTIL has its own workshops to manufacture the line or curtains, duvets and window shades that best suits your idea.

Today, INCOGA NORTE is part of a large the corporation that best suits your needs. The proven capacity and solvency of this business structure enables it to offer its clients advice and a reliable service in many fields. The comprehensive response of all the firms is guaranteed by JPC VISO, the multidisciplinary company that coordinates the design of unified operational and financial policies, communications and marketing strategies, as well as the management of Quality and Environmental integrated systems. A spirit that fosters the proven satisfaction and loyalty of our clients year after year.